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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Kaya Everyday Radiance

The other day I went to Kaya to try their “Everyday Radiance Facial”.

This is what Kaya says :

Kaya Everyday Radinace is a unique system of regular skin maintenance that understand your skin’s need and ensures that your skin looks radiance everyday and not just occasionally. After all, who says beauty needs an invitation.

How does it work??

STEP 1 : Understanding your skin

The first step to beautiful skin is to know your skin. Everyone’s skin is unique and so are its needs. Our dermatologist first help you understand your skin through a process of Skin Health Check, which also evaluates heath parameneters like texture of skin, UV damage and open pores.

STEP 2: Customised Service

Based on your skin needs, our dermatologists will suggest the best service combination for you, The service is based in the three mantaras – Exfoliation, Hydration and Nourishmnet. These combinations of services are further accompanied with special soothing masks. In depth care once a month is what your skin needs.

STEP 3 : Holistic Solution

Along with the services, our dermatologists will suggest a home care regime including diet and products suitable to your skin.

STEP 4: Periodic Health Check

Environmental conditions and the natural cycle of skin regeneration dentmand constant attention to skincare. At Kaya we understand this and recommend a Skin Health Check every 3 months to make sure your skin is getting what it deserves.

The following routines are customized as per your skin’s needs.

Healthy Shine
Nourishes your skin from deep within and continues to maintain and protect your skin’s health, giving it a natural shine.

UV Care
Protects your skin from the unwanted damage the sun causes to the skin.

Smooth Touch
Helps in eradicating dead cells, thereby smoothening the texture of your skin, leaving it smooth and flawless.

Firm & Fresh
Works on the open pores of your skin giving you firmer, fresher and smoother skin.

All the services are accompanied with a range of unique masks.

Insta Glow Mask
This smoothing mask contains marine extracts and agents that help stimulates skin cells to look brighter and smoother.

Purifying tea Tree Oil Mask
Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, which works well on sensitive and reactive skin types. This mild mask leaves your skin feeling healthy and radiant.

Stimulating Fruit Mask
This mask contains grape seed and apple seed extracts along with AHA agents, which help in skin renewal and improving skin clarity.

Rejuvenating Cocoa Mask
This mask contains Vitamin A and other antioxidant agents with astringent properties. Accompanied with cocoa, this mask deeply moisturizes and restores glow and firmness.

Firming Peel-Off Mask
This mask includes natural algal that helps in collagen synthesis – giving you a radiant skin.

The moment you step into the Kaya Clinics you feel as if you are inside a spa. The whole environment inside is very soothing and relaxed. They offer a Kaya Drink as you wait for your attendant. As I have oily and two tone skin, I was advised the Firming Peel-Off Mask. The cost of the Kaya Everyday Radiance Facial is ` 2206/- however I had a discount and it cost me ` 999/-. My whole experience at Kaya was very nice. They have well trained staff and they listen to what your problems are and accordingly provide solutions for your skin. I already have my next appointment scheduled as at Kaya they do make the skin do the talking.

Have you had an experience with Kaya Facials????


Hey Pooja..

This is the first ever time I am seeing a review on Kaya's services. In fact I always used to get confused about their products and services. I have read a lot of mixed reviews about them. Now your post is giving some confidence to atleast go ahead. Do keep posting your progress at kaya :-)


Hey Poornima.... You must have a visit to Kaya .. I am so recommending them as its not about just beauty its about the health of your skin :)


Kaya products are no doubt great ..and i was waiting for you to hsare your experience..



I know Anamika.. It was a long pending one for me however dues to the hectic work was not able to. There is no doubt that their products are good.


Pooja u shd hv posted a pic of urs... :P


i agree with Deeptima, would have so loved to see a pic of yours....999 is a very cheap deal, what kind of discount card did you have....


Deeptima & Rentu @ I was in such a hurry that I forgot to take the picture :P.. next time will make sure


Hi there,

thats a nice review.. thanks....
Do u have any clue how their products work?

Have u used any of them.. pls share ur reviews if u have


The only product that I am very happy is the makeup remover. I bought the toner too however it did nothing to my skin :(


Hi frnds..... I had just 1 session of Everyday radiance with kaya.I did nt notice any drastic change.Nw m confused whether to go or nt 4 the package.(which include 6 sittings). Anyone who had this package can pls share their experience so dat i cn go ahead.


Kaya is full of cheats so never go there in your life. I you take any services from Kaya you will get horrible result of that service as doctors they appoint are useless and they are only marketing people only and they are selling Kaya products only.


Good and bad experiences happen everywhere. Its natural that they will try to sell more of their products and services to you but it will always be focused to address your skin needs.