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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Joining Oriflame

 Over the last few weeks I have come across so many people confused about buying products from Oriflame. So many of us want to buy products from Oriflame however are not aware about how to do so. Oriflame products can be only bought through its members or by enrolling & becoming their member. Anyone can join Oriflame by paying Rs. 299. In a normal joining Oriflame offer a promotion know as the Welcome Program which is spread over 3 months. The only thing you need to do is make sure to complete the minimum order as an Oriflame Consultant and get free gifts with a total value of Rs. 1750. In the first month you need to complete 75 Business Points, in the second month 100 Business Points and in the third month 125 Business Points in order to achieve the gifts. For instance If you in the first month you achieve 75 business points, you qualify for the 1st gift of Rs. 250 value. This gift will be sent to you when you place an order of Rs. 1000 in the next month. 

Since it’s the beginning of the festive time Oriflame is offering a lot of benefits to the people joining Oriflame. If anyone enroll for the Oriflame membership from 1-29th September 2010 by paying Rs. 299 and place their first order of Rs. 1000 or above, they get a discount of Rs. 225 right away. This gives you a discount of 75% on the joining fee of Rs. 299 which make the joining fee as only Rs. 74. And to make it more interesting and beneficial for its new members Oriflame is offering special promotion for its Welcome Program offering products worth Rs. 4950 instead of the regular Rs.1750. 

Gifts for new members Joining in September 2010

Anyone anywhere can become a member and can order via phone, internet or by simply walking in the nearest Oriflame office.

Here is the link to this month Oriflame Catalogue

If you wish you have any further information or want to join Oriflame you can write to me.


uve again ignited the spark :)...Thanks Pooja for clearing the air


I live in hyderabad, how can I become a member? Any idea?? Please suggest


Mary @ send me your details and I will register you as an Oriflame consultant :)


Are there any charges to become a member? & once we become a member of oriflame & order products online do we have to pay shipping?



Ayesha @ You have to pay Rs. 299 to become a member. Depending on where it is being delieverd & amount of invoice charges are applicable however if its above Rs. 1250 value no charges are applied.

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hi Pooja, i want to become a member how much would this cost me now?
pls update. thanks....


Priya @ it will cost you Rs. 299/-


thanks for replyin ...errr i stay in Mysore(Karnataka)..whom should i contact to become one..??? wil the fee change later on??


Priya @ you are in luck. Your joining fee will be zero check the new joining post to know the current joining schemes :)

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i live in bangalore and want to become an oriflame member. is there a monthly fee or only a one-time fee? who should i contact? please let me know


hi Manasa you only have to pay Rs 99 to become a life time member and ..i can help you register and become a member i have recently joined oriflame and very happy about it.i live in bangalore
email me your contact info