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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Blog Sale - Part 2 CLOSED

Awaited Blog Sale Part - 2

Swatch for Giordani White Gold Colour Quartet

Oriflame Beauty Eye Shadow Duo - Golden Forest (NEW)
Oriflame Beauty Eye Shadow Duo - Urban Twilight (NEW)
MRP : Rs. 329/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 150/- each.

Giordani White Gold Colour Quartet for Eyes – Silver Lights (NEW)
MRP : Rs. 890/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 400/-

Oriflame Beauty Hypnotic Shimmer Eye Pencil


Oriflame Beauty Hypnotic Shimmer Eye Pencil – Emerald Ice (NEW)
Oriflame Beauty Hypnotic Shimmer Eye Pencil – Charcoal Glow (NEW)
MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 150/- each

Perfect Wear Kajal with smudger 
& Avon Glimmer stick 


Perfect Wear Kajal with smudger – Black (NEW)  SOLD
MRP : Rs. 199/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 120/-

Avon Glimmer stick – Blackest Black (NEW)
MRP : Rs. 229/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 150/-

Vision Eye Liners & Metaliner


Vision Eye Catching Eye Liner – Green Glaze (NEW)
Vision Eye Catching Eye Liner – Smokey Eyes (NEW)
Vision Eye Catching Eye Liner -  Brown Eyed Girl (NEW)
MRP : Rs. 179/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 90/- each

Vision Metaliner – Black (NEW)
MRP : Rs. 229/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 150/-

Oriflame Lipstick


1. Oriflame Beauty Hypnotic Kiss Lipstick – Crimson Blaze
    MRP : Rs. 379/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 230/-

2. Oriflame Beauty Colour Attraction Lipstick – Barely Pink
     MRP : Rs. 279/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 170/-

Oriflame Beauty Hydracolor Lipstick (For Swatches click here )

1.  Oriflame Beauty Hydracolor Lipstick - Crimson Torrent (New)
2. Oriflame Beauty Hydracolor Lipstick - Coral Strom (New)
3. Oriflame Beauty Hydracolor Lipstick -  Copper Stream (New)
4. Oriflame Beauty Hydracolor Lipstick - Peach Tempest  (New)
5. Oriflame Beauty Hydracolor Lipstick - Pink Cloudburst (New)
MRP :  Rs. 398/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 250/- each

*If you buy 2 Hydracolor Lipsticks SALE PRICE Rs. 200/- each

Avon Lipsticks

1. Avon Perfect Wear Extra lasting Lipstick – Chocolate Truffle (New)
      MRP : Rs. 375/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 250/-
2. Avon Glaze wear Lipstick – Darling Pink (New)
    MRP : Rs. 375/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 275/-
3. Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick – Maple Sparkles (New)
4. Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick – Plum Perfect (New)
    MRP : Rs. 125/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 50/-
 *If you purchase both the Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick, the SALE PRICE is Rs. 80/-
5. Avon Glaze wear Liquid Lipstick – Intense Plum (New)
6. Avon Glaze wear Liquid Lipstick – Maroon Red (New)
7. Avon Glaze wear Liquid Lipstick – Sundance (New)
    MRP : Rs. 329/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 220/-

 Oriflame Beauty Stay Glam Lip Color
Oriflame Beauty Stay Glam Lip Color – Pink Blush (New)
Oriflame Beauty Stay Glam Lip Color – Coral Red (New)
MRP: Rs. 349/- SALE PRICE: Rs. 200/- each

Leave me a message with the things you will like to purchase & email id and I will contact you. Shipping Rules remain the same as Blog Sale Part-1.

Good News....

For all those who wanted to join Oriflame however could not do so in September 2010 can now be an Oriflame consultant with the more beneficial scheme till 11th October 2010.

All you have to do is get in touch with an Oriflame consultant and pay Rs. 299/- (Life Time Membership fee) along with your details and be an Oriflame consultant :)

Now lets talk about the benefits.

1. The first benefit is that on your first order of Rs. 1000/- or more with Oriflame you get a discount of Rs. 225/- which is 75% of your Life Time membership fee.

2. On completing the Welcome program 1 (75 BP) within 30 days of joining you get Even out Face Cream SPF20 worth Rs. 690/- for FREE.

3. On completing Welcome Program 2 (100 BP) in the next Catalogue period you get Time Reversing InTense Deep Night Reformer cream worth Rs. 1790/- for FREE.

4. On completing Welcome Program 3 (125 BP) in the next Catalogue period you get Dare To Dream Makeupo Palette worth Rs. 2490/- FREE.

The value of gifts on completion of Welcome Program 1, 2 & 3 are worth Rs. 4950/- compared to the normal scheme of Rs. 1750/-.

In addition to the above every Oriflame consultant gets 20% discount on the price mentioned on the products which is an instant income when you purchase products for your known. 

I would also like to clarify that the company has no pressure in weather you complete the Welcome Program or not. It is entirely your wish if you want to do so. There are no set amount of shopping necessary for anyone to purchase from Oriflame. You can make purchases as per your needs & requirements. There are business some very good business opportunities for people who would like to start this as a business.

If you have any queries you may write to me and I would be more than happy to help you.

My first Blog Award

I am so happy to share my first blog award with all the beautiful ladies here. I got this award from Rashmi, our very own MAC guru. Thank you so much Rashmi.. This means a lot to me. Rashmi writes a wonderful blog   I N D Y A B E A U T Y

The award I got is 

I would like to pass on this award to -

More to come....

Trying my hands on...

Not much to do so tried my hand on Nail art and felt good..

What do you say ........

Blog Sale - Part 1 CLOSED

After a lot of compilations and the things that I could not fit in my storage, here I am with my first Blog Sale. No rules for buyers however you need  to make a minimum of Rs. 400 purchase from the sale to avail free shipping or else you will pay the shipping for the products purchased. I will courier the purchased items as soon as I receive payment in my account & give the POD numbers.

Enigma Dare to Dream Edition (2 avb.)
The enchanting charm of Black Rose & Night Blooming Jasmine mingle with the sensuality of Pitchouli.
MRP : Rs. 2190/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 1400/- (Sealed Pack)  (1 sold)

1. Soothing Icy Foot Balm – Watermelon (Swatched once) 
    MRP : Rs. 198/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 139/-
2. Cooling Foot & Leg Gel – Rosemary(Swatched once)
    MRP : Rs. 198/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 139/-
3. Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser with Vit E & Cornflower Extract (Brand New)
    MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 190/-

1. Hair Volume Boost Leave In Conditioner   SOLD
    MRP : Rs. 299/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 200/-
2. Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash (New)
    MRP : Rs. 298/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 200/-
3. Shower Gel with Revitalising Apricot & White Tea (New) SOLD
    MRP : Rs. 549/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 250/-

Even Out Face Cream SPF 20
Super hydrating face cream formulated to help visibility reduce dark spots and even out skin tone. 
For Daily Use.
MRP : Rs. 690/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 470/- (Seal Packed)

Simple Perfect Cotton SOLD
MRP : Rs. 439/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 300/- (New)

Solution A.M. Refined White Day Cream SPF -20
Contains SPF 20/PA++ that protects the skin from damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays through the day. Designed to give skin a brighter, fairer complexion as well as a firming & lifting appearance. Contains eucalyptus extract for efficient skin whitening properties and a complex of yeast extract & hydrolysed wheat protein for firming benefits.
MRP : Rs. 390/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 200/- (New)

Solution A.M. / P.M. Total Radiance Day Cream SPF -15

Solution A.M. Total Radiance Day Cream SPF -15
In just 24 hrs skin looks bright & clearer
MRP : Rs. 390/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 300/-(New)

Solution P.M. Total Radiance Night Cream SPF -15
Patented “Ulex Europea” enhances skin ability to lock in moisture by activating skin’s natural hydrator. Makes skin look rejuvenated & Vibrant.
MRP : Rs. 390/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 300/- (New)

*If you purchase Total Radiance AM & PM cream together, the SALE PRICE is Rs. 500.

AVON Sun Range 

1. Sun Block – SPF 40/PA++

Retains SPF after 80 minutes of perspiration and activity under water. Contains Aloe-Vera and is suitable for sensitive skin too.
MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 169/- (Swatched Once)
2. Sun Smooth UV Gel - SPF 20
With soothing Aloe-Vera Gel & Witch Hazel extracts.
MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 149/- (Swatched Once)
3.Sun Day Block Protection – SPF 15/PA++
Contains Pro-Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E
MRP : Rs. 215/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 149/- (Swatched Once)

*If you purchase the complete Sun Range, SALE PRICE - Rs. 400/-

AVON Deodorizing & Exfoliating Bar Soap

1. AVON Deodorizing Bar Soap 
MRP - Rs. 49/-  SALE PRICE - Rs 40/- (New)
2. AVON Exfoliating Bar Soap
MRP - Rs. 49-/ each SALE PRICE - Rs. 40/- each (New)

*If you wish to buy all 3 bar soaps, SALE PRICE Rs. 100/-

Leave me a message with the things you will like to purchase & your email id and I will contact you.

Blog Sale to continue with part 2 consisting of make up will be posted soon.....HAPPY SHOPPING  :)

Weekend Haul

Ever since I started reading the beauty blogs my wish list was a never ending one and the space was getting less n less as the days kept passing by....  I bought some colobar nail paints, even found NYC nail paint, L'Oreal Khol Minerals and L.A. Colors....

Colorbar Matt Nail Paints

Colorbar Glittery Nail Paints

Colobar Eye Pencil 
(This was free with the nail paints)

NYC Nail Paint, L'Oreal & L.A. Colors

So this is my effort to make the list  shorter :P

3 am ......

This is what I do when I am unable to sleep at 3 am.....

Glimpse of Blog Sale

Here is a glimpse of the things I am wanting to give in the Blog Sale.....

All the products offered in sale are New/Seal Packed or  have only been used for a Swatch on my hand.

Details to follow soon :)

Blog Sale

I am thinking to do a blog sale for Avon & Oriflame products as they refuse to be stored in my storage. 

Would you be interested ????

M.A.C. Haul

The few weekends ago I was under the weather and decided to do so shopping :P and landed at the MAC store and bought a few things to cheer myself :)

M.A.C Haul 

I had consulted Rati some time back to buy a foundation which is easy to use and suitable to my combination oily skin. She had suggested me to try the MAC Studio fix compact. 

MAC Studio fix compact

Its the most convenient foundation that I have ever come across. Its so hand and can be used anytime anywhere. Easy to carry in my bag. Its cost is Rs. 1600/-.

MAC Paint Pot - Rubenesque 

This is the must for eye makeup. It not only brightens the color however even makes a base so that no creasing occurs. Rebenesque is such a beautiful shimmery color that I have used it to give a shimmery effect to the eyes. Its cost is Rs. 1100/-

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners

This was a splurge... I picked 2 Tinted Lip Conditioners in Plum Perfect & Petting Pink. They have a perfect creamy consistency. Not too much neither too less, just as much as needed. I like this product as it keeps my lips moisturized with a dash of color. Both these colors suits the Indian Complexion. Its cost is Rs. 870/- each.

MAC 217 

I have no word to describe this one. Its a multipurpose brush. Its applies as well as blends the eyes colors beautifully. I could not resist picking up two brushes. You can check the review for this here by Rashmi. Its cost is Rs. 1100/- each.

Which ones would you like to try ???

Joining Oriflame

 Over the last few weeks I have come across so many people confused about buying products from Oriflame. So many of us want to buy products from Oriflame however are not aware about how to do so. Oriflame products can be only bought through its members or by enrolling & becoming their member. Anyone can join Oriflame by paying Rs. 299. In a normal joining Oriflame offer a promotion know as the Welcome Program which is spread over 3 months. The only thing you need to do is make sure to complete the minimum order as an Oriflame Consultant and get free gifts with a total value of Rs. 1750. In the first month you need to complete 75 Business Points, in the second month 100 Business Points and in the third month 125 Business Points in order to achieve the gifts. For instance If you in the first month you achieve 75 business points, you qualify for the 1st gift of Rs. 250 value. This gift will be sent to you when you place an order of Rs. 1000 in the next month. 

Since it’s the beginning of the festive time Oriflame is offering a lot of benefits to the people joining Oriflame. If anyone enroll for the Oriflame membership from 1-29th September 2010 by paying Rs. 299 and place their first order of Rs. 1000 or above, they get a discount of Rs. 225 right away. This gives you a discount of 75% on the joining fee of Rs. 299 which make the joining fee as only Rs. 74. And to make it more interesting and beneficial for its new members Oriflame is offering special promotion for its Welcome Program offering products worth Rs. 4950 instead of the regular Rs.1750. 

Gifts for new members Joining in September 2010

Anyone anywhere can become a member and can order via phone, internet or by simply walking in the nearest Oriflame office.

Here is the link to this month Oriflame Catalogue

If you wish you have any further information or want to join Oriflame you can write to me.