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How To Fight Wrinkles Painlessly?


Written by : Guest Writer Brenda Lyttle

Wrinkles are the natural outcome of aging which is caused by the skin irregularities and loss of collagen, which is the result of over exposure to sun. To have wrinkles is the worst nightmare for most women as wrinkles removal treatment is thought to be extremely painful. Although the Olay Total Effects range is particularly effective but now you can even fight wrinkles naturally and bid adieu to the painful surgeries, laser treatments and botox therapy. Read below to find top 6 ways to fight wrinkles painlessly:

1. Exfoliate:

To reduce wrinkles it is best to exfoliate the top most layer of the skin. Scrubs and alpha-hydroxy acids works wonder as an exfoliant. For best results exfoliate every alternate day.

2. Vitamin A: 

Derivates of Vitamin A like Retin A, Retinol and Tazorotene are very helpful in exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen growth. There are many products available in the market that contain the derivatives of Vitamin A. But remember you need to have prescription from certified physicians. 

3.Moisturize and hydrate: 

Keeping your body hydrated is very important from both inside and out. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and use good quality moisturizer. Olive oil and coconut oil are well known skin hydrators especially for the aging skin. The virgin coconut oil keep the connective tissues of the skin supple and strong reducing the chances of sagging and wrinkles. You may even choose a moisturizer suitable for you from the famed Shahan Husain products range. 

4. Add oils: 

Hydrating body with water is not enough. For best results, hydrate the body using oils. Include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet as they keep the skin cells strong and moisturized. This in turn decreases the appearance of fine lines. 

5. Use wrinkle-freezers:

Wrinkle freezers freezes the current wrinkles and even prevent the appearance of the newer ones by using Dysport and Botox. These two work by preventing the contractions of the muscle. This not only erases the current wrinkles but also prevents the formation of the newer ones.

6. Avoid exposure to sun: 
It is best to make efforts to protect the skin from direct sun. The main reason of the development of the wrinkles is the sun damage. It is advisable to wear sunscreen that has at least SPF30. Adding the large brimmed hats and sunglasses to your wardrobe is also an effective way to protect both your skin and eyes.

These 6 tips will help you look younger and beautiful always. These tips will surely help you fight and hide wrinkles without undergoing much of pain associated with surgery and botox.

Brenda Lyttle is a freelance writer and a beauty expert who began writings for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority on beauty, skin care, makeup and anti-aging topics.

Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer

Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer 

Price : Rs. 249 for 0.3 gms.

Easy glide formula for smooth application. The retractable lead delivers creamy vibrant color in flattering five (5) shades in total comfort. Convenient design means no sharpening & no wasting time.



Pros :
  • Smooth
  • Very easy to apply
  • Does not smudge
  • Stays on for long (I tested it for 10 hours)
  • Waterproof
  • Safe to use on waterline.

Cons :
  • Only available via Oriflame consultants.
  • A bit expensive when not on discount.
I am loving these pencils & they are currently available for Rs. 159. 

Have you used Oriflame Smooth definer pencils??

Lakmé ABSOLUTE Baked Blush

As a child we all have played with our mom's vanity box. I loved playing with  her lipsticks & spraying those perfumes when no one was watching me. When I look back all those year and remember the cosmetics, Lakmé is the only name that I can remember. Lakmé has been there ever since I was child & they have improved with the times & are currently are still one of the most looked for Indian brand not only in cosmetics however even in skin care.  

On the weekend I was getting bored looking around  at the Shopper's Stop with my brother while he checked things for himself & happen to look at the Lakmé counter. I saw Lakmé ABSOLUTE on display & I quickly checked it. However the completer range was not yet on display as the foundations had not yet arrived. 

Lakmé Says : Lakmé since its inception has always celebrated beauty and as an ode to the contemporary Indian woman, Lakmé presents ABSOLUTE - a high-performance long wear make up range. This premium range of cosmetic has been specially created for the woman of today who leads an international life with a soul that is Indian at heart. Lakmé ABSOLUTE is the brand’s high performance long-wear makeup line with world class products that last up to 16 hours. Designed by Lakmé make-up experts Lakmé ABSOLUTE offers the best in long-wear benefits coupled with do-good skin care properties enabling the contemporary Indian woman to be magical in her everyday life.

I looked and looked and fell in love with the Lakmé ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Bakes Blush - Night Sheen. 

Lakmé ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Bakes Blush - Night Sheen

Lakmé ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Bakes Blush is a luxurious powder blush, based on Italian terra cotta tiles enriched with Jojoba oil, Antioxidant Vitamin E for extraordinary luminosity. 

Price : Rs. 550 for 4 gm

Lakmé ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Bakes Blush - Swatch 

Lakmé ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Bakes Blush - Swatch

Lakmé ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Bakes Blush is a perfect blush for winters.  It has this 
cute look card along with the blusher. 

Day Look : 

With a brush gently sweep the blush across your cheeks using gentle upward strokes.

Night Look : 

To intensify the shimmer, first apply ABSOLUTE Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse over face and neck.
Then follow instructions for the Day Look 

Have you picked anything for the ABSOLUTE range ???

Shoe Haul

Marks n Spencer Wedges @ £ 5

Clarton @ INR 1200

Clarks @ INR 2999

Clarks @ INR 2999

FREE with Clarks Shoes :)

Do you like any ???

Pantene Total Damage Control

Break the vicious cycle of unhealthy hair with Pantene Total Damage Control Range

According to researchers at Pantene, weakened damaged hair is a sign of a deeper underlying hair problem - the cycle of unhealthy hair. Inspired by this insight, Pantene stared to delve deeper into the cycle of unhealthy hair and introduced a superior range of hair care treatment - Pantene Total Damage Care.

In particular, this regimen of Shampoo + Conditioner + Treatment protects your hair against split ends with better conditioning system. The improved wet conditioning prevents tangles & breakage while the dry conditioning allows you to comb through with ease, protecting the cuticle from splitting due to friction & damaged cuticles.

"With its various symptoms of lack of resilience, dullness, tangles and split ends, weakened hair is a common frustration amongt women, who may not realize that this stems from being trapped in the cycle of unhealthy hair. Without proper direct intervention in the form of an intensive rinse-off treatment that gives hair a protective layer in between washes, poor hair health will continually be perpetuated & reinforced," says Coleen Khan, P&G Beauty Hair Expert.

About 2 months back I received an invite from the Pantene Social Media for a Blogger Meet in Mumbai for the launch of Pantene Total Damage Control Range. But due to my hectic work schedule I was not able to travel to Mumbai to attend the meet & Rebecca from Pantene sent me the samples to try & I cannot thank her enough coz Pantene Total Damage Control Range has everything that I have always wanted for my hair. I also received the photographs of the event which I am sharing here with you.

My hair have been rough & dry ever since I remember & as a child my mom use to apply a lot of oil to my hair to keep it manageable. Over the years I tried different shampoos & treatment however did not find any good in them. I had to struggle a lot with my hair if I ever wanted to keep them open. However now I do not have to do much &  I cannot keep my hands off my hair. 

Pantene Total Damage Control

Pantene Total Damage Control

Pantene Total Damage Control - Ingredients

Price : Pantene Total Damage Control Shampoo Rs. 117 for 180ml
            Pantene Total Damage Control Conditioner Rs. 59 for 80 ml

As I already told you my hair have been dry & rough plus every time I washed my hair it used to get all tangled & a lot of hair breakage use to happen when I had to untangle my hair. I started using the Pantene Total Damage Control about 4 weeks back & ever since my first wash I have not been able to stop touching my hair. My hair are now so soft & have volume and the best part is that they do not get tangled at all. My hair breakage has gone down to almost ZERO. I use to wash my hair 3 times a week before i started using the Pantene Total Damage Control however now twice a week works great for my hair. 
The packaging is very travel friendly as the bottles have very sturdy flip locks. My experience with Pantene Total Damage Control shampoo & conditioner has been very good. I would recommend this to all of you.

Have you tried the Pantene Total Damage Control ???

*PR Samples

Oriflame Beauty Whitening Foundation

Discover a unique medium coverage liquid foundation containing whitening active to promote a fairer & more luminous complexion. The exceptional blend  ingredients gives a highly mattified, smooth and long wearing finish. SPF 15 and moisturising effects help maintain flawless skin. 

SPF prevents natural darkening of the skin from the sun's rays, whilst Whitening Actives are known to help reduce melanin production.

Price : Rs. 498 for 25 ml.

It is available in 4 shades.

  • Bright Porcelain 
  • Apricot Ivory 
  • Light Nude
  • Natural Beige


  • Mattified effect
  • Stays for long 
  • Smooth application
  • SPF 15
  • Value for money
  • Whitening Active
  • Does not dry the skin
  • Nozzle Tube
  • Limited shades
  • No darker shades available.
Rating : 4/5

NOTD - Oriflame Pure Color Nail Polish True Red