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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Blog Sale - Part 1 CLOSED

After a lot of compilations and the things that I could not fit in my storage, here I am with my first Blog Sale. No rules for buyers however you need  to make a minimum of Rs. 400 purchase from the sale to avail free shipping or else you will pay the shipping for the products purchased. I will courier the purchased items as soon as I receive payment in my account & give the POD numbers.

Enigma Dare to Dream Edition (2 avb.)
The enchanting charm of Black Rose & Night Blooming Jasmine mingle with the sensuality of Pitchouli.
MRP : Rs. 2190/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 1400/- (Sealed Pack)  (1 sold)

1. Soothing Icy Foot Balm – Watermelon (Swatched once) 
    MRP : Rs. 198/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 139/-
2. Cooling Foot & Leg Gel – Rosemary(Swatched once)
    MRP : Rs. 198/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 139/-
3. Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser with Vit E & Cornflower Extract (Brand New)
    MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 190/-

1. Hair Volume Boost Leave In Conditioner   SOLD
    MRP : Rs. 299/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 200/-
2. Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash (New)
    MRP : Rs. 298/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 200/-
3. Shower Gel with Revitalising Apricot & White Tea (New) SOLD
    MRP : Rs. 549/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 250/-

Even Out Face Cream SPF 20
Super hydrating face cream formulated to help visibility reduce dark spots and even out skin tone. 
For Daily Use.
MRP : Rs. 690/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 470/- (Seal Packed)

Simple Perfect Cotton SOLD
MRP : Rs. 439/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 300/- (New)

Solution A.M. Refined White Day Cream SPF -20
Contains SPF 20/PA++ that protects the skin from damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays through the day. Designed to give skin a brighter, fairer complexion as well as a firming & lifting appearance. Contains eucalyptus extract for efficient skin whitening properties and a complex of yeast extract & hydrolysed wheat protein for firming benefits.
MRP : Rs. 390/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 200/- (New)

Solution A.M. / P.M. Total Radiance Day Cream SPF -15

Solution A.M. Total Radiance Day Cream SPF -15
In just 24 hrs skin looks bright & clearer
MRP : Rs. 390/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 300/-(New)

Solution P.M. Total Radiance Night Cream SPF -15
Patented “Ulex Europea” enhances skin ability to lock in moisture by activating skin’s natural hydrator. Makes skin look rejuvenated & Vibrant.
MRP : Rs. 390/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 300/- (New)

*If you purchase Total Radiance AM & PM cream together, the SALE PRICE is Rs. 500.

AVON Sun Range 

1. Sun Block – SPF 40/PA++

Retains SPF after 80 minutes of perspiration and activity under water. Contains Aloe-Vera and is suitable for sensitive skin too.
MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 169/- (Swatched Once)
2. Sun Smooth UV Gel - SPF 20
With soothing Aloe-Vera Gel & Witch Hazel extracts.
MRP : Rs. 249/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 149/- (Swatched Once)
3.Sun Day Block Protection – SPF 15/PA++
Contains Pro-Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E
MRP : Rs. 215/- SALE PRICE : Rs. 149/- (Swatched Once)

*If you purchase the complete Sun Range, SALE PRICE - Rs. 400/-

AVON Deodorizing & Exfoliating Bar Soap

1. AVON Deodorizing Bar Soap 
MRP - Rs. 49/-  SALE PRICE - Rs 40/- (New)
2. AVON Exfoliating Bar Soap
MRP - Rs. 49-/ each SALE PRICE - Rs. 40/- each (New)

*If you wish to buy all 3 bar soaps, SALE PRICE Rs. 100/-

Leave me a message with the things you will like to purchase & your email id and I will contact you.

Blog Sale to continue with part 2 consisting of make up will be posted soon.....HAPPY SHOPPING  :)


i want the leave in conditioner.... yeyyy m first !!


Deeptima @ and you get a surprise gift along :)


oooee balle balle... hahaha... thnx !!


Hi, love your blog sale! I would like the Simple Perfect Cotton and the Apricot Shower Gel. Thanks!


Revolver @ pls send me ur email to send you the bank details


Hey, my email id is Thanks!


Revolver @ Have sent you the details on your mail.


Are u charging for shipping & how much is it?


Mindsetter @ shipping is what the courier company will charge as per you address.


hi pooja
i wanna buy a lottttt iof the sale items
is it still on?
have mailed u on it
can i start making my list?


Hey Pooja is the Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash still on sale as it is not striked off?