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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Giordani Gold Exclusive Recruitment Campaign

Bringing to you… Giordani Gold Exclusive Recruitment campaign!
Campaign Period: 23rd April - 31st May 2011
Follow the simple steps to join Oriflame and get the opportunity to enjoy world class luxury
Step 1: Join Oriflame consultant for Rs. 299/-
Step 2: Place your first order and get a rebate of Rs. 150/-
You join oriflame for only Rs. 149/-!!!
*The rebate of Rs. 150/- on registration fee will be given on your order above handling limit (Rs. 1250/) during campaign period

Welcome Program 1
Welcome Program 2
Welcome Program 3
WP 1: Make 75 BP within 30 days of joining and get Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls worth Rs. 990/- for FREE!

What are you waiting for ?

WP 2: Make 100 BP within your 2nd month in Oriflame and getGiordani Gold Black & Gold Powder brush worth Rs. 398 +Giordani Gold Lustre Loose powder worth Rs. 949 for FREE!!
WP 3: Make 125 Bp within your 3rdmonth in Oriflame and get Giordani Gold designer bag worth Rs. 1690/- for FREE!!


i wonder what BP means?


BP means bonus points. Every product has fixed bonus point.


How can i register becoz m at mumbai, and could you give me a brief idea how to gain BP??


Dats Me @ you can register anywhere in the India. You may get in touch with me at and I will be happy to help you.