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Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick - Swatches

Oriflame has a big range for lipsticks however there is no comparison to the Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick. I love them so much and its on the must have list.

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick

Satin sensuality. Futurist perfection. Rich, satin-smooth color that glides on, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Natural tri-peptides increase volume for beautiful, fuller lips.

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick are available in 10 shades

1. Peach
2. Warm Chestnut
3. Redwood
4. Scandalous
5. Sweet Orchid
6. Golden Decadence
7. Pink Passion
8. Passionate Cherry
9. Ravishing Red
10. Rose Seduction

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick are highly superior lipstick with advanced anti-ageing benefits that help reduce superficial wrinkles for sensually voluminous and moisturised lips. Non-feathering, non- bleeding, satin smooth color with SPF 15.

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick - Swatches

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick - Swatches

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick - Swatches

Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick are my most favorite lipsticks. They stay for a good time on my lips and colors are highly pigmented.

Will I repurchase them ?? Ofcourse YES :)

MRP : Rs. 429 ( Currently on discount for Rs. 329)

Which one is your favorite ???


Bhumika @ all are so pretty :)


Me too had a GG lippie and loved it...will repurchase some:)


loved the swatches..difficult to choose which is the best :)


Hi Pooja ... all the colours look rich and nice. I have a doubt and I thought you are the best person who can clarify it. What is the difference between 'clear' and 'light' in airsoft loose powder ? which one will suit for a warm skinned dusky person ? I know they are very sheer but still thought I d ask.


Rakshanda @ :)

Aanamika @ that is why I want to have all the shades :)


Chennai Ponnu @ Clear can be used by anyone however light is for fair skin color only. I would recommended you clear.


Zeeba @ aisa kaise ho sakta hai :)


hehehehheaheha...If i say sumthng..the I have to buy i am ignoring.. :(


you know what, u shud nt be putting up oriflame ka flyers and giordani stuff, it makes me tempted to buy everyting...i loved the warm chestnut shade


Rentu @ u wanted me to post my must have so here we are :).. warm chestnut is a beautiful shade and one of my favorites.... This is the one product which started my journey with Oriflame.. I have finished up one and now have again bought the same shade :)


the golden is so pretty!!! actually all are pretty!! these are apt of occassions!!


HD @ I agree...its difficult to decide which one to pick :)


the last 3 look awesome!!! Loved the red!! :)