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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Outspoken by Fergie

The International music superstar Fergie has partnered with AVON to launch her first ever signature Perfume 

Say Like you Mean it

An outrageously bold expression of iced berries, ultra-feminine tuberose, absolute and daring black leather. 
MRP : Rs. 1500 for 50ml

I love her music and every time I see her I get reminded of her song Fergalicious..... I have revived a sample of the Outspoken from AVON and I am liking it. On purchase of the Perfume, AVON is also giving a Outspoken by Fergie Skin Softener worth Rs. 399 FREE!!!

Would you like to try ???


Oh cool! I want to smell it...iced berries sound yum!



Cynthia @ I can send you a sample if you send me you address :)


voooo....this is great :)