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AVON Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel

AVON has recently launched Nailwear Pro Nail Emamel which claims to give you the professional look. Its available in 12 different shades from the regular red, pink browns to grey, metals, black & blue.

AVON Nailwear Pro Shades

Cost: Rs. 89/- for 8 ml. ( If you picking 2 shades you get them for Rs.149)

What AVON Claims : 

  • Get the look of a professional manicure.
  • High -Gloss, wet-look finish with long lasting color.
  • Precision flat brush for easy application.
  • Unique triangular shaped bristles align in a stack to create an even surface against your nail for a smooth and streak-free application.
  • Unique, channeled rod controls product flow.
  • Shine last upto 10 days.
I picked 5 shades from the stack all excited about the claims however I was disappointed. The shine factor is all  wrong. It does not even lasts 2-3 days :( The colors i agree are g8t. They dry fast and easier to apply. 

Nailwear Pro






My favorite are all these.. Which one's would you pick ???


Fuchsia looks nice. Even Onxy looks interesting. I like Mulberry from the shade card.


i brought Fuchsia !! love the colour...


Tanveer @ Onyx & deluxe chocolate are my favorite.

Deeptima @ I like the color too :)


I like onyx sparkle and deluxe chocolate the most. I've recently bought some new avon nailpolishes because I find them great and I made a review. You're invited to see it: