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This is about nothing specific.. Wht do I do???? I do a lot of things. Even with a Full time job I am able to somehow squeeze in time for everything that fascinates & attract me. Long back a friend of mine had told me that I should write a blog, so here I am. So all in short this is like my dairy where I put in my life & things that I do ..

Makeup Blogging

In the past one year I have been introduced to the world of makeup bloggers and have learnt & still learning the tips & the tricks everyday...

This whole journey started when I happen to come across Oxford Jasmine's you tube channel  & view some of her tutorials which were of g8t help. Ever since then i have been coming across blogs & bloggers blogging about make up. Some of my favorite bloggers are OxfordJasmineLipglossipingJuliaSirvinyaTanveerCynthiaMakeup & Beauty ( Rati, Mrunmayee, Divija, Jomol, Ki and a few more) & a few more and everyday when I read their reviews it does makes me go WOW every time. 

Thanks to all these bloggers my makeup buying as well as applying has increased in the past year. Now I am more prepared when step out to purchase makeup as i know what is good & what to leave.

6 comments: very sweet ofyou to mention me Pooja! Thanks :)
I know what u mean..the beauty blogging community is GREAT!



Aww!! just came across your blog and saw my name there. Thank you so much. :)


Ur welcome Rati. Your reviews are fabulous.. Thank you all for being here :)


I cannot believe I did not see this Pooja! Aww :)


Ki @ now you have.. Thanks for noticing :)